Ceramic Industry

Glasstech, Inc.: ERH2-C3 (TM) Architectural Tempering System

March 29, 2004

Glasstech, Inc. recently announced the availability of its ERH2-C3(TM) architectural tempering system, a new and innovative system for tempering high-performance, Low-E glass. The system processes high-performance, Low-E coated glass with remarkable efficiency by using hot air convection nozzles above and below the glass surface to heat both sides of glass equally, which translates to shorter cycle times and increased productivity. The newest member of Glasstech's family of convection-assisted radiant electric heaters, the ERH2-C3 heats high-performance coated glass in 30 to 35 seconds/mm of thickness, while it normally requires up to 70 seconds/mm heating time in purely radiant heaters.

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