Ceramic Industry

GranitiFiandre Reports 5% Increase in Third Quarter Revenue

November 19, 2010

The GranitiFiandre Group reports that it grew sales volumes both in the nine months and in the third quarter of 2010, thus increasing market share. Consolidated revenues in the first nine months reached €148.2 million (~ $206 million), an increase of 5.1% over the same period of 2009. Strong revenue growth was recorded in the third quarter (6.6%).

Brand sales, although affected by a weak and volatile construction market, grew 7.2% in the first nine months and 10.5% in the third quarter. The increase in overall volumes is due to stable sales volumes on the Italian market (up 0.9% for brand materials) and Europe (down 2.3%).

For additional details, visit www.granitifiandre.it.