Ceramic Industry

Great Western Manufacturing: Sieve Technology

December 5, 2001
Great Western Manufacturing now offers Buhler's patented sieve technology with the NOVA sieve frame and insert tray. The NOVA's design features a removable metal insert tray that uses Buhlers' patented combination screen and pan cleaners. Advantages include high net screen area, optimum screen tensions with the rigid aluminum tray, elimination of backwire fatigue and loose fasteners, and shorter sieve height with the same capacity. Sieves are available to fit standard North American 24 11/16 and 28 3/4 in full cloths, or two side channel sieve sizes, as well as European sifters with 640 mm sieves.

For additional information, call (913) 682-2291, fax (913) 682-1431, e-mail sifter@gwmfg.com or visit http://www.gwmfg.com.