Ceramic Industry

Guest Blog: Update from Ghana

August 24, 2010

I’m very glad to inform you of my success about the latest challenge that has been thrown to me. Our institute was challenged to produce a type of brick with a specific quality and color for a project near the coast of our country. It came to me to produce the quality and color that the project needed.

Even though I have read in books about how to obtain the color and quality, the equipment needed to carry on such work was not to be found in my country (the electric kiln needed to obtain that temperature is not available). As a result, I decided to use the clamp firing method.

It wasn’t easy, but with determination and perseverance I was able to meet the quality and color that the project demanded. I adapted the method of obtaining much carbon in the firing atmosphere with a specific size of firewood to raise the temperature. This obtains both an oxidation and reduction atmosphere within the clamp kiln.

I must say this has really boosted my confidence and I am proud to be an up-and-coming ceramist. I am also proud to inform you that, after the firing, I have been able to explain more to my colleagues about how to direct heat in the clamp kiln.

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