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GV Offers Mass Spectrometry Products and Services

September 9, 2003
Following its acquisition of the inorganic mass spectrometry business of Micromass Ltd., a division of Waters Corp., GV Instruments began operations in March 2003. Additional acquisitions include Analytical Precision Products Ltd. and HtX Ltd. Tony Williams, Ph.D., has been appointed managing director of GV, which will be headquartered in Manchester, UK, and Hudson, N.H. Sales and service offices will be located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Japan. GV offers a wide range of stable isotope mass spectrometers and accessories, thermal ionization mass spectrometers, quadrupole and magnetic sector ICP-MS, and noble gas mass spectrometers.

For more information, call (603) 880-3233, fax (603) 880-3251 or e-mail Lindsay.Holcroft@gvinstruments.co.uk .