Ceramic Industry

H.C. Starck and abcr® Celebrate 10 Years

May 17, 2011

abcr recently announced it has been the exclusive distributor of Advanced Ceramic Powders from H.C. Starck for 10 years. A leading provider of refractory metals and technical ceramics, H.C. Starck has now used abcr´s customer service, logistics and delivery for more than a decade.

As a large-scale enterprise, H.C. Starck concentrates on large-scale sales; thus, abcr can focus on sales of amounts up to 100 kg per product and order. Complete process execution is carried out in Karlsruhe, Rheinhafen; logistics allow for products to be dispatched within one or two days.

For additional details, visit www.hcstarck.de or www.abcr.de.