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H.C. Starck and Jiangxi Rare Metals Sign Joint Venture

May 31, 2011

H.C. Starck and Jiangxi Rare Metals Tungsten Holding Group Co. Ltd. have signed two agreements in Hong Kong to form a joint venture to produce advanced tungsten chemicals, metal, and carbide powders. For H.C. Starck, the joint venture is a crucial element of the company’s strategy to expand its presence in China. Based on the agreements, the joint investment sum will be RMB 800 million (~ $121 million) to establish two companies based in the Chinese city of Guanzhou. With an installed capacity of 30,000 tons, by 2012 both companies will be producing approximately 10,000 tons of advanced tungsten products for the market annually.

Each partner holds the majority share in one of the two companies: JXTC in the manufacturer of ammonium paratungstate and tungsten oxide; and H.C. Starck in the manufacturer of tungsten metal powder and tungsten carbide. The establishment and development of these two joint ventures will support the high-tech development of the tungsten industry in Jiangxi and in China. It will also provide additional economic and social benefits to the Jiangxi Province.

“Both JXTC and H.C. Starck are key players in the refractory metals industry, and have a unique expertise and a long-standing company history,” said Zhong Xiaoyun, president and CEO of JXTC. “This joint venture will definitely have a very positive impact on China’s, as well as on the world’s, refractory metal industry development. It will be a role model for Sino-German refractory metal strategic cooperation.”

“This joint venture is our largest project in China to date and is a core part of our growth strategy in Asia,” said Andreas Meier, CEO of H.C. Starck. “With this step, we aim to significantly accelerate our capabilities to better serve the fast-growing Chinese market. Our outstanding long-term relationship with JXTC, the intense efforts shown by both parties during the negotiations, and the support of government agencies in China all helped to ensure a smooth process in the founding of these joint ventures. We believe that the joint venture will provide a win-win situation for both partners.”

For additional details, visit www.hcstarck.de or www.jxtc.com.cn.