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H.C. Starck Receives Manufacturing Award

January 25, 2011

H.C. Starck Inc. recently announced it has received the “Evolution of Manufacturing” award at the Evolution of Manufacturing Conference. The award is given to manufacturing companies located in northern Ohio that have adapted their business plan and evolved their management style in order to better compete in a global economy.

Consumer goods used in everyday life, such as high-definition televisions and smart phones, are produced from materials and products manufactured by H.C. Starck. To improve its competitive position globally and expand its business and markets, the company’s management team developed and implemented key strategic goals, including the deployment of effective management systems focused on customer satisfaction, product quality, and on-time delivery.

Significant improvements were realized with the implementation of continuous improvement techniques such as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, in conjunction with a Sustainable Energy Management system. The changes allowed H.C. Starck to reduce waste, optimize productivity, streamline processes, improve efficiencies and reduce cost to become more competitive.

For additional details, visit www.hcstarck.com.