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H.C. Starck Receives Sony's Green Partner Certification

April 12, 2011

H.C. Starck Inc.’s Fabricated Products site in Coldwater, Mich., has received the Sony Green Partner certification, paving the way for H.C. Starck’s materials to be used in components for products bearing the Sony name. Through the Green Partner program, Sony encourages suppliers to manufacture components with minimal environmental impact. Becoming a Green Partner means H.C. Starck is a “preferred supplier” to Sony and a qualified supplier to other companies that are seeking Green Partner sources for their products.

“We recognize the Sony Green Partner program as one of the best established programs of its kind, effectively a ‘gold standard’ of the electronics industry,” said Dmitry Shashkov, president and CEO of H.C. Starck Inc. “As a leading supplier to the industry, we treat sound environmental standards, robust supply chain, energy efficiency and recycling as foundational pieces of our strategy.”

H.C. Starck looks for ways to advance its systems and processes to create environmentally safe material solutions. Harmonizing with this strategy, the Coldwater site established a Products Environmental Quality system to support the requirements of a Green Partner supplier. To further achieve certification, H.C. Starck demonstrated its compliance with laws, regulations, and social standards that govern sound, financial operations; environmental conservation awareness; and the maintenance of quality standards throughout its integrated supply chain, including reliable raw material sources. By implementing continuous improvement techniques such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, in conjunction with a Sustainable Energy Management system, H.C. Starck has become a global leader in quality products and services manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.

“Our ability to utilize these continuous improvement techniques in the development of systems in all aspects of our business is clearly paying dividends,” said Mark Confroy, COO. “Most importantly, our customers are directly benefiting from the results of these structured activities and have begun to recognize and acknowledge our accomplishments. In the end, it is all about striving to exceed our customer’s expectations and growing stronger in our business relationship to our mutual benefit.”

For additional details, visit www.hcstarck.com.