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H.C. Starck to Expand Tantalum Raw Material Supply Base (posted 11/28/07)

November 29, 2007

H.C. Starck GmbH recently announced that it has concluded a long-term contract on the purchase of tantalum raw materials with Tantalum Egypt JSC, an enterprise in which the Australian mining company Gippsland Limited in Perth/Australia has an indirect interest with a 50 % stake. Tantalum Egypt JSC holds the mining rights for the Abu Dabbab exploration area in Egypt. The contract has a term of 10 years and comprises a volume of 600,000 lbs of Ta2O5 per year.

“The contract is a solid cornerstone of our raw material strategy and enables H.C. Starck to continue to be a reliable partner at all times for our customers on the basis of a sound supply source,” said Heinz Heumüller, Ph.D., chairman of the executive board.

The conclusion of the contract not only constitutes an expansion of its tantalum raw material base for H.C. Starck, but is also a commitment to the tantalum processing industry that H.C. Starck is equipped for long-term involvement in the tantalum market.

For additional information, call (49) 5321751-3153, fax (49) 5321751-4153 or e-mail manfred.buetefisch@hcstarck.com. The company’s website is located at www.hcstarck.com.