Ceramic Industry

Hammill And Gillespie Develops Gillespie Borate

February 5, 2001
Hammill and Gillespie has announced the availability, beginning March 1, of Gillespie Borate, the company's newly developed borate for the ceramics industry. Gillespie borate was developed over the past year through a careful formulation process that has resulted in a virtual chemical match to Gerstely borate, a long-time favorite ceramic raw material that became unavailable early last year. Gerstley borate was a valuable glaze constituent for many years and is a key part of many interesting and successful glazes over a range of firing conditions. The new product, a mixture of ulexite (Na2O.2CaO.5B2O3.16H2O) blended with various clay minerals and alkaline earth carbonates and silicates, contains approximately 25% B2O3, 23% CaO, 4% total alkali and 31% loss on ignition.

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