Ceramic Industry

Harper International: Fluidized Bed Reactor

November 30, 2004
Harper International recently announced the addition of a pilot fluidized bed reactor and an expanded offering of high-temperature fluid bed technology to the Harper Technology Center in Lancaster, N.Y. The installation of this fluidized bed reactor, combined with existing R&D lab furnaces (including rotary, vertical, microwave rotary, graphite rotary and elevator in the 100C to 2800C temperature range) and cold modeling units, expands Harper's capability for process development within the chemical and material industries. Harper's pilot reactor is capable of testing at temperatures of up to 1000C. Materials that can be processed include inorganic powder/granular, refractory metal or metal compound powder, precious metal compounds, carbon/graphite powder and granular, ceramics, nanomaterials, and catalysts.

For additional information, call (716) 684-7400, ext. 110, e-mail info@harperintl.com or visit http://www.harperintl.com.