Ceramic Industry

Harper International: Graphite Products

September 12, 2001
Harper International has announced the availability of three new systems -- the ultra high temperature graphite rotary, the graphite Harper Hearth and the graphite pusher thermal system. The systems facilitate spherical graphite production for batteries, pitch-based carbon fiber, metallic carbide powders (WC, TicC, etc.) and non-oxide ceramic sintering (Si3N4, AlN, SiC, TiB2 and BN). Harper continues to offer its international clients scale-up graphite reactor technology from concept to commercialization, comprehensive laboratory and testing facilities, and complete after-sales service through its world headquarters and global satellite offices. The Harper Hearth has eight patented features, allowing it to provide comprehensive time-at-temperature uniformity at minimal operating cost. This version provides access to intermediated times at high temperatures.

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