Ceramic Industry

Harrop is Exclusive North American Licensee for MAT Kilns (posted 10/27/08)

October 27, 2008

Harrop Industries, Inc. has obtained an exclusive North American license from Ceralink, Inc. to market and build industrial kilns and furnaces using microwave assist technology (MAT). In conjunction with Ceralink in 2007, Harrop designed and built a 1600°C atmosphere-controlled MAT elevator kiln for Touchstone Research Laboratories in Triadelphia, W.Va. This 27 cu ft industrial installation has validated the key commercial benefits of MAT, including firing time reductions up to 80%, energy consumption cuts up to 60%, lower processing temperatures, and the enhancement of critical material properties in the end product.

Originally patented in the UK, MAT is the combination of conventional gas or electric radiant heat and a relatively small amount of microwave energy. The microwaves target the core of the product, while the conventional heat provides thermal balance and uniformity to the product surface.

Ceralink, Inc., a materials engineering and technology commercialization service based in Troy, N.Y., has the exclusive license in North America to use and sub-license MAT. Harrop, with technical assistance from Ceralink, will design, build and install full-scale production kilns using this highly efficient microwave technology for customers throughout North America.

For more information, call (614) 231-3621, fax (614) 235-3699 or e-mail daobrien@harropusa.com. Harrop’s website is located at www.harropusa.com.