Ceramic Industry

HEM: New Product Finder Website

January 19, 2005
Huber Engineered Materials (HEM), part of J.M. Huber Corp., has announced the launch of its new website, which features a product identification tool that catalogs and sorts thousands of grades of the company's specialty ingredients. Visitors can choose from four different methods to streamline the search; products can be sorted by product chemistry, product brand name, use/application and market. HEM markets precisely engineered, particle modified silica/silicate, kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, alumina trihydrate, barium sulfate and magnesium hydrate. "Our objective is to continually increase customer self-service features of our most immediate communication tool," said Tim J. Butler, senior manager, marketing communications. "If the utility of a website is customer focused, we can expect longer site visits and increased traffic, and encourage prospects to engage in the sales process."

For more information, visit the new site at http://www.hubermaterials.com.