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How to Use the 2002-2003 Equipment Digest

November 1, 2002
We’ve made some dramatic changes to the Equipment Digest this year, and we think you’ll appreciate how easy the new Digest is to use.

Welcome to the third annual Equipment Digest. We’ve made some dramatic changes to the Digest this year, and we think you’ll appreciate how easy the new Digest is to use.

First, we’ve eliminated all of the different sections and combined each of the equipment categories into one alphabetized list. This means that if you’re looking for a controller, for example, you no longer have to figure out whether this category would be listed in the “Batching/Materials Handling” section or the “Drying/Firing” section—you can simply turn to “controller” in the alphabetized list. Combining the different sections has allowed us to eliminate a lot of the redundancy and ambiguity found in our previous Equipment Digest issues.

Second, we’ve tried to anticipate how each reader might look up a particular category and have added a number of cross-references to make equipment definitions and supplier listings as easy as possible to find. We have grouped certain types of equipment together—chemisorption analyzers, density analyzers and particle size analyzers, for instance, are all listed under “analyzers,” while hot isostatic presses, hydraulic presses and isostatic presses are listed under “presses.” However, we realize that some readers specifically looking for a density analyzer would probably look under “density analyzer,” while readers looking for a hot isostatic press would look under that category instead of under “presses.” For this reason, the new cross-reference categories direct readers to the location of the equipment definition and supplier listings. We have also added additional cross-references to the definitions of similar types of equipment so that readers can thoroughly educate themselves about the different options before making a purchasing decision.

Finally, this year’s Equipment Digest is more complete than ever before. We have added more than 50 new definitions in our quest to make this the most comprehensive equipment resource in the industry, and we have completely updated all of the supplier listings* to provide you with the most current contact information for each company. All of this information will also be available in a searchable format on our website by the end of this year.

We hope you will find the 2002-2003 Equipment Digest to be a valuable reference tool in planning your equipment purchases. However, we also recognize that to be truly useful, the Equipment Digest must continue to evolve to meet the needs of our readers. More definitions and equipment categories will be added in the coming months and years, and existing definitions will continue to change based on feedback from the industry. Your support—and your suggestions—will continue to help make the Equipment Digest a valuable, thorough resource in the years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (248) 366-2503, fax (248) 366-2504 or

e-mail grahlk@bnp.com if you would like to suggest changes or new definitions for next year’s Equipment Digest. I look forward to hearing from you.

*Supplier listings indicate paid advertising.

Be sure to check back in December for the updated listings and definitions!