Ceramic Industry

Hydropulsor And Gasbarre Host Compaction Pressing Demonstration

February 8, 2005
Hydropulsor AB and its U.S. distributor, Gasbarre Products, Inc., recently hosted a demonstration of the third generation of Hydropulsor high-velocity compaction press at Gasbarre's technical facility in DuBois, Pa. A number of powder metallurgy industry figures were in attendance to view a Hydropulsor HYP 35-40 press in operation. The presses provide the ability to more economically produce higher density, higher performance parts than conventional powder presses. Densities for conventional powder materials of close to 100% of theoretical density can be achieved. Hydropulsor's high-velocity compaction presses typically use conventional powder materials, but can provide higher green densities than traditional presses in a single compaction step. Part densities are highly uniform throughout each component, so part tolerances after sintering are very close.

For more information, contact Gasbarre at (814) 371-3015 or fax (814) 371-6387. Hydropulsor can be reached at (46) 586-64950, fax (46) 586-64965, e-mail info@hydropulsor.com or http://www.hydropulsor.com.