Ceramic Industry

IIT Offers Laser Technology For Prototype Production

February 16, 2004
By using advanced laser technology, along with precision water jet and plasma cutting tools, Integrated Ideas & Technologies (IIT) can accurately, inexpensively and quickly produce custom enclosures. "Costly prototypes have always been a necessary evil," said Mike Ray, president. "The laser technology we developed to produce precision surface mount stencils for printed circuit boards is also ideally suited to create highly accurate enclosures in a cost effective manner." IIT's custom laser cut enclosure service is designed to be a fast, affordable and accurate turnkey solution for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. The technical staff can work with CAD files or other data files provided by the customer, or if necessary, they can turn sketches into CAD files and deliver a finished enclosure to the customer in 24 to 48 hours.

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