Ceramic Industry

IKA: Ceramic Top Magnetic Stirrer

October 24, 2001
The Ceramag Midi is IKA(R)'s first ceramic top magnetic stirrer. The ceramic top provides even heating, resistance to chemicals and the ability to monitor color changes. This versatile magnetic stirrer is available at a low cost and is backed by the company's quality guarantee. The unit's motor provides a speed range of 150-1200 rpm while stirring up to 13 liters. The hot plate can reach 450C. Strong magnets and advanced circuitry help prevent decoupling of the stirring bar. With a top plate surface area of 40 x 140 mm, the Ceramag Midi can safely support most laboratory beakers and flasks.

For additional information, call (800) 733-3037, e-mail usa@ika.net or visit http://www.ika.net.