Ceramic Industry

Imerys Establishes Global Sanitaryware Division

December 17, 2001
Imerys has established a new global division, Imerys Sanitaryware, which combines the sanitaryware activities of ECC, CERATERA, SPICA and MRD-ECC. In addition, close commercial and technical synergies are being developed with K-T Clay, the North American ball clay, kaolin and feldspar producer that recently joined the Imerys group. Imerys Sanitaryware offers a comprehensive portfolio of raw materials and body systems, which, combined with its leading technical expertise and extensive commercial presence, allows the new division to provide optimum technical solutions for sanitaryware manufacturers on a global basis.

The magement team of Imerys Sanitaryware includes John Pennington, general manager; Nigel Glasson, research and development; Alister Currie, operations; Michael Dixon, controller; and Olivier Marty, marketing.

For more information, call (44) 1782 748605 or e-mail olivier.marty@imerys.com.