Ceramic Industry

Imerys Sanitaryware: Low-Residue Shredded Ball Clay

September 3, 2002
Imerys Sanitaryware is expanding its Hycast range of sanitaryware ball clays by introducing Hycast Forza, a new low-residue shredded ball clay. This new ball clay has been developed for higher strength, more plastic applications while providing the usual rheological stability associated with the Hycast range of products. Hycast Forza is produced with innovative properties designed to meet the demanding needs of today's quality sanitaryware market. The material?s main characteristics include exceptional dry strength (9.5 MNm2); good plasticity (MBI of 33 compared with 25 for Hycast VC); excellent fluid properties (casting concentration of 66 mass % solids, typical of Hycast VC); and optimized organic content (1.5%), reflected in stable rheology.

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