Ceramic Industry

In the Know at the Show

June 12, 2008

Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions offer an enormous opportunity for artists to discover new methods and concepts not only for creating their work, but for improving their businesses. A great example is the upcoming 38th Annual Conference of the Glass Art Society, which will be held next week (June 19-21) in Portland, Ore.

The keynote lecture on Thursday will be given by Chris Van Dyke, who will discuss “The Role of Design in Creating a New Business Model of Creativity, Performance, and Sustainability.” According to the conference program book: “It is often said, ‘The business of business is business.’ And, by this reasoning, the sole measure of business success is profitability. What if success in business was measured, additionally, by the application of principles of design? What if a successful business was defined by its beauty, its capacity to bring positive change, to tell stories and generate emotional response?” It sounds like Chris’ lecture will offer a fascinating perspective for creative professionals.

Another interesting topic will surely be “Small Steps Make Giant Steps with Self Promotion,” by Merrily Orsini, to be held Friday afternoon. She will offer an “interactive workshop with easy, basic, cost effective tactics to remain true to the art and get results from marketing.”

The conference will offer tons of other demonstrations, discussions, panels and presentations. Learn more at www.glassart.org/portland.html.