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Inauguration Fever

January 17, 2009

Barack Obama will soon be inaugurated as our nation’s 44th president, and preparations are reaching a fever pitch. Around the world, hopes are high and parties are being planned. In Washington, D.C., and on Obama’s train route from Pennsylvania to the Capitol, police, military and security forces are marshalling their resources. It’s really going to be quite something.

Beyond all of the hooplah, the main question on my mind is, frankly: Will Obama be good for business? Does he have the clout and the chutzpah to make good on his campaign promises? He’s set the bar incredibly high for himself, and our expectations are probably even higher.

What do you think? Will Obama be able to kick-start our comatose economy? Will he be able to create the jobs he’s promised, which we so desperately need? Please share your thoughts by entering a comment below.