Ceramic Industry

Indco, Inc.: Collomix Mixer

September 17, 2003
The TMS 2000 Collomix mixer is currently available from Indco, Inc. The mixer is suited for those who lay brick, screed, plaster, concrete and tile. Any ready-mixed product in a sack can be laid on the TMS 2000 and opened with the aid of a tearing device at the top of the mixer. The contents empty into the mixing container, where the heavy-duty multi-paddle mixing tool ensures optimal mixing. The mixed material is then emptied into a tub or a wheelbarrow with the movement of a simple slide valve at the bottom of the mixer. The TMS 2000 is compact, mobile and easy to clean, making it particularly effective for jobs where space is at a minimum.

For more information, call (800) 942-4383 or e-mail info@indco.com .