Ceramic Industry

Industry Leaders Meet To Launch Penn State Processing Breakthrough

September 21, 2004
Leading companies from the metals producers and users industries met recently to participate in the launch of Penn State's Microwave Powder Processing Consortium (MPPC). The consortium's focus is to harness microwave technology for the powder metals (PM) industry, and the goal is to develop advances in the PM field by optimizing and analyzing the effects of microwave technology. A sampling of applications for ceramic powders includes the production of transparent and translucent ceramics; the synthesis of ceramic compounds powders of pigments, phosphors, ferroelectrics, etc.; tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide/diamond composites; and ceramic glasses. Full corporate members of the consortium will be able to influence the direction of the research program, obtain patent advantages, receive substantial discounts on separate private research projects and have their employees learn the technology onsite.

For more information, e-mail dxa4@psu.edu