Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI<br>Who Do You Know?

August 4, 2003
Everyone has undoubtedly heard the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” In today’s global economy, making personal connections with others in the industry is more important than ever. The next person you meet could lead to a big sale, a new business opportunity or a more efficient way of manufacturing.

What’s the best way to connect with other people in your field? Internationally focused industry shows such as ceramitec provide a number of networking opportunities. Congresses and workshops held before and during the show on topics such as tableware, silicate ceramics, sintering and powder injection molding will give attendees a chance to learn about new trends and technologies and mingle with experts in those areas. Visitors will also have a chance to meet more than 700 exhibitors from 40 different countries as they stroll through the nearly 20 acres of product and technology exhibits at the show. And the concurrent MATERIALICA 2003 show, held at the same location, will give those in the high-tech product engineering field a chance to rub shoulders with even more exhibitors and visitors. (For more information about ceramitec 2003, see the article "ceramitec 2003: A Global Platform for Ceramic Discovery.")

Ceramic Industry is also a valuable resource for networking. Our columnists bring you perspectives on the industry that you won’t find anywhere else—and some of them hold differing viewpoints. For instance, in this issue, Daniel R. Joseph encourages readers to have a global mindset on business issues in “International Business,” while Ralph Ruark discusses the adverse impact cheap imports are having on the American ceramic industry in “Kiln Connection.” We’ve also brought back the monthly “Glass at a Glance” column to keep you apprised of research and events supported by various glass organizations such as the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council, Center for Glass Research, universities and international groups. Reading these and other CI columns can help you gain insights on manufacturing issues and trends—but we also encourage you to actively participate in these discussions. If you have an opinion about a topic covered in Ceramic Industry, please send us a fax (248-366-2504) or e-mail (grahlk@bnp.com), and we’ll include your comments in a “Letters to the Editor” section in an upcoming issue.

You can also share your opinions and ideas with other readers on CI’s online bulletin board, located at http://www.i-boards.com/bnp/ci/ (or click on “Bulletin Board” in the blue menu bar on the magazine's home page). Post a message with manufacturing tips, success stories, questions or suggestions, or add your own perspective to existing discussions. You can also create a personal profile to help other bulletin board users connect with you directly by phone, fax or e-mail.

Our expanded ad index (in print) helps you connect with suppliers of materials, equipment and services. And our editorial will continue to bring you news and information about the latest manufacturing technologies and trends—along with the contact information you need to implement these ideas in your facilities.

By making the right connections, you can gain an edge in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.