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INSIDE CI: Fall Potpourri

October 31, 2008
The monthly roundup from Editor-in-Chief Susan Sutton.

I absolutely love fall; it’s such an exciting time of the year. The air is cool and crisp, the changing leaves are gorgeous and the holiday season is right around the corner. There is so much going on, I hardly know where to start.

First things first-we’ve got a great issue lined up for November. Every year, the Equipment Digest provides definitions and supplier listings* for hundreds of types of machinery and equipment. In addition, this exclusive reference resource is available online and is fully searchable. Online listings also often include additional details, including videos or data sheets, so be sure to visit www.ceramicindustry.com/equipmentdigest.

Our cover story this month details the media milling process, which is vital for the production of quality products throughout a variety of industries. “Media Milling Advances” provides some history and background, along with information about the latest technologies and future developments in media milling.

According to our very own Equipment Digest, “Dilatometry is a thermophysical properties measurement technique used to determine the expansion or shrinkage of solids, powders, pastes and liquids during heating or cooling.” It’s important to keep in mind that a dilatometer’s test results depend on calibration and testing conditions, though. Learn more in “It’s All Relative.”

This issue also features a Brick & Clay Record section, including a case study article detailing a new batching line that is simplifying processing for a specialty minerals producer. “Green” is no longer just a buzzword-it represents a sea change in the way manufacturers operate and how they’re perceived by consumers. The Brick Industry Association (BIA) discusses the qualities that make brick innately green, and shares tips on how the brick industry can benefit.

On another note, we heard from a reader who felt that a recent column indicated an endorsement by CI for a particular company and reflected a bias that was inappropriate for our publication. I’d like to take a moment to clear the air. Any columns that are run in CI represent the opinions of the author, and the author alone. CI does not endorse any specific companies or products involved in the ceramic, glass and related industries. That said, we agree that we should not have published this particular column, and we understand that (especially in this difficult economic climate) our readers rely on us to provide unbiased, practical information to help them succeed. I want to personally apologize to anyone who feels that we did not live up to that trust. We are working diligently to ensure that the situation is not repeated.

Finally, if you received a renewal reminder on the outside of your issue this month, please take a moment to complete and return it. (Please note, you need to sign and date it, and check the appropriate boxes, or your renewal will not be processed.) You can also go online to www.ceramicindustry.com/online to update your subscription. If you take advantage of this early renewal opportunity, you won’t be asked to renew again until May 2009!

Supplier listings indicate paid advertising. Contact Ginny Reisinger at lebowskya@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.