Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI: Finishing Touches

June 1, 2010

After the plumber had to put a hole in my kitchen ceiling to fix a leak a few months ago, I balked at the price he quoted to repair the hole. (I don't know much about drywall, but I do know there's no way a 12-in.-square piece costs $80!) So I decided to fix the hole myself, with the help of a couple of friends.

Let's just say it did not go well. The hole is patched, yes, and it doesn't look horrible -- but even a cursory visual inspection would enable anyone to tell where it once was. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and my project was simply not finished properly.

Finishing plays a vital role in ceramic and glass manufacturing, and this issue includes articles on micromachining (pp. 14-15), abrasives demand (pp. 19-20), and water jet cutting (pp. 21-23), among others. Be sure to also check out our special Glass Manufacturing report (pp. 27-28) and Instrumentation section (pp. 29-35).

Staff Changes
Brian Hayes, our longtime managing editor, has decided to leave CI to pursue other opportunities. We are very appreciative of his excellent service and wish him well in his new endeavors. I'm happy to announce that Teresa McPherson will serve as our new managing editor. She'll be handling our news and press releases, as well as webinars and other duties.

Moving forward, please send your company news, personnel announcements and new product releases to Teresa at mcphersont@bnpmedia.com. Please join me in welcoming Teresa to the CI community!