Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI: Fool Me Once...

April 1, 2010
The monthly roundup from Editor-in-Chief Susan Sutton.

My brother-in-law is a legendary practical joker. One April Fools' Day, he pretended to trip while holding what we all thought was my sleeping three-month-old nephew wrapped in a blanket. The "baby" flew across the floor, and everyone in the room immediately panicked. We were, of course, immensely relieved when we discovered that he'd actually wrapped a doll in the blanket.

On the other hand, my brother-in-law was lucky to escape with his life. He thought it was all great fun, but we were not amused. To this day, I still take everything he says and does with a grain of salt. If he told me the sky was blue, I'd take a peek and double-check.

We're not including any jokes, pranks or practical jokes in this issue--just great information to help you succeed in your business. For example, a new low-oxygen process has been developed for binder burnout. While traditional burnout processes are often time-consuming and expensive, this new process can remove binders and plasticizers more quickly and efficiently. Read more in "Fast, Safe, Energy-Efficient Binder Burnout."

Additional editorial in this issue focuses on positive-pressure furnaces ("Pressure Cooker"), heating elements ("Hot Stuff") and advances in nanodiamond ("Nanodiamond: From Theory to Practice"). In addition, the Resource Management section includes articles on workforce management ("Increasing Productivity through Effective Workforce Management"), environmentally friendly manufacturing ("Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing") and hot gas filtration ("Product Profile: Advancing Hot Gas Filtration").

Do you have a good April Fools' Day story? If so, please send the details to me at suttons@bnpmedia.com. You might see your story on our website this month!