Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI: Going Green

August 1, 2010

As they look further up the supply chain in determining their purchasing preferences, many consumers are becoming increasingly savvy regarding sustainable manufacturing practices. While some manufacturers have yet to explore the concept of green and the opportunities it might offer, others are taking a proactive approach.

Murata Electronics North America has fully embraced the concept of sustainable manufacturing and, as a result, is enjoying multiple benefits. As Jerry Kolbe writes, "When conducted with careful planning, sustainable manufacturing is not only a benefit to manufacturers and the environment, but a tangible and strategic business model." Turn to pp. 12-14 to learn more about "The Greening of Ceramic Components."

Owens-Illinois, Inc. (O-I) recently conducted a glass container life cycle assessment that has enabled the comparison of glass' carbon footprint with other packaging materials, such as aluminum and plastic polyethylene teraphthalate (PET). The results should help consumers understand the environmental benefits offered by glass containers. O-I has also taken the study a step further and used it as the foundation of a comprehensive sustainability program. "Our goal is to be the world's most sustainable glass packaging maker," says Al Stroucken, CEO. The full story is featured on pp. 17-18.

It's clear that green is here to stay. Manufacturers that embrace that fact and its ramifications can improve their processes and give themselves a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace.