Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI: Making Opportunities

September 1, 2004
The monthly roundup from CI Editor Kristi Grahl.

Do you ever wish you had better luck? Numerous studies have shown that "good luck" doesn't just happen. Instead, it is created by those who know how to look for-and take advantage of-the opportunities that life regularly presents.For example, some high-tech component manufacturers will undoubtedly be first in line to try a new combustion chemical vapor deposition process that can produce higher-performance coatings at a lower cost, while others will wait until it's a "proven" technology. Some glass manufacturers will jump at the chance to participate in a no-fee trial of Argonne National Laboratory's new Glass Furnace Model, or to save money, improve productivity and increase yields with a new hybrid melting technology; others will be too reluctant to change their existing processes.This doesn't mean that all manufacturers should immediately implement any new product or technology that's introduced, or that the companies that adopt these technologies will automatically be successful. Any new idea should be carefully investigated to make sure it's right for your plant before you move forward. But make sure you don't pass up good opportunities simply because you don't recognize them.

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