Ceramic Industry

INSIDE CI: Tools of the Trade

February 1, 2012

My house is over 100 years old, and I’m unfortunately not a “handy” person. This is not a good combination. Not only do I have no idea how to go about making the (seemingly never-ending) repairs that are required, but I don’t even have the correct tools on hand when others come to lend a hand. Anyone who comes over to help always has to bring their own toolbox.

Having the right tools available is vital to any endeavor, particularly when the project demands high accuracy and consistency. Manufacturers that are developing and producing high-tech ceramic products cannot operate effectively, efficiently or-most importantly-profitably if their equipment is out of date or in disrepair. The right lab/test furnace can mean the difference between a successful new product launch and a complete disaster. Important considerations when purchasing a new unit include temperature, expansion potential, geometry, and uniformity, among others. “Heating Up the Lab” has all of the details.

Sample preparation is a key factor in any quality control program, and air jet sieving is proving to be an efficient step in the process. Read “Air Jet Sieving” to find out how this method provides multiple benefits for the drying of fine bulk materials.

High-tech products such as fuel cells require the use of high-quality, consistent ceramic materials. Multiple analysis techniques can be used to ensure positive results, but each technique brings its own benefits and challenges. Learn more about “Analyzing Ceramics in Fuel Cells.”

I’m very excited to announce the debut in this issue of a new column by Dedalus Consulting’s Frank Kuzler. Focusing on advanced ceramics and glasses, the first installment of "Advanced Arena” discusses ceramic cutting tools and can be found here.