Ceramic Industry

Int'l News: Ceramics Used in Filtration Systems

September 28, 2000
KERAFOL—Keramische Folien GmbH, a manufacturer of ceramic foils located in Oberpfalz, Germany, recently introduced a new generation of filtration systems with rotating ceramic membranes. These fully automated, high-tech filtration systems feature cross-flow filtration throughout the micro and ultrafiltration range.

Due to their design, rotating filtration systems provide for a greatly improved cross-flow of the filter surface. The “cross-flow effect” (avoidance of membrane blocking due to shear forces on the membrane surfaces) is not achieved by re-pumping large fluid volumes, as in conventional filtration devices, but by rotating filter elements. Such a process arrangement yields considerably reduced energy requirements. In addition to the extremely high cross-flow speeds, a full decoupling from the transmembrane process parameter can be achieved.