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Int'l News: Mexico’s Ambassador Visits North Carolina

October 26, 2000
Mexico’s Ambassador to the U.S., Jesús F. Reyes-Heroles, visited Charlotte, N.C., in October as part of a day and a half working visit. Reyes-Heroles was the keynote speaker at the seminar “Doing Business with Mexico,” organized by Charlotte’s World Affairs Council. His presentation focused on the political and economic trends that influence the business environment in Mexico after this summer’s presidential elections.

“Mexican democracy has come of age as a result of enhanced electoral transparency and increased competitiveness among political parties,” he declared. He underscored Mexican Congress’ strengthened pluralism and more effective checks and balances in the political system, factors that make consensus building indispensable.

“Mexico’s democratic and peaceful election sets an extraordinary ground for economic growth and stability,” he continued. Reyes-Heroles also stressed Mexico’s successful efforts to shield its economy from international volatility and to avoid domestic inbalances.

“Mexico’s economy is back on track. There is a new sense that Mexico is truly on the road towards sustained and long-term economic growth,” he said.

The Mexican Ambassador singled out NAFTA as the most important factor explaining Mexico’s rapid transformation and his nation’s commitment to free trade. “North Carolina is an excellent example about how this new economic environment has produced outstanding results. It is the 6th largest exporter to Mexico among U.S. states. Last year, its exports showed a 30% increase over the previous year, and 240% with respect to 1993,” he pointed out. “There is no better time to take advantage of Mexico’s new business environment and its solid position for expanding trade, investment and financial activities in the country,” he concluded.