Ceramic Industry

Int'l News: New Cutting Insert Features High Wear Resistance

September 28, 2000
SPK Cutting Tools, a division of CeramTec AG, has extended its range of indexable inserts to include the coated Cermet SC 7035 and the -MQ chip breaker. With its TiAlN coating on a tough Cermet substrate, the new SC 7035 grade is said to possess outstanding wear resistance and is suitable for a broad range of applications from semi-roughing to finishing. Applications embrace the turning of case-hardening and heat-treatment steels, as well as supplementary uses on stainless steels and cast iron. Extensive tests have demonstrated superb quality in terms of surface finish, dimensional and shape tolerances when turning small- to medium-stress cross-sections, the company reports.

The new coated cutting material (ISO HC-P15) is suitable for finish-turning, in one step at moderate feed rates, workpieces with small to medium allowances of up to around 1.5 mm. These are ideal near-net shape preconditions. SC 7035 largely overlaps the application range of uncoated Cermets while reaching out further toward greater wear resistance. With the possibility of dry machining and no need for lubricants while cutting, advantages are reported to be both ecological and economical.

Available in all the important basic insert geometries, the -MQ chip breaker provides an addition to the existing range of chip breakers for negative insert geometries -SP, -MB, and -MK, and ensures reliable chip control and automation-compatible chip breaking for feeds of 0.10 to 0.30 mm and cutting depths of 0.4 to 1.5 mm.