Ceramic Industry

ISIMAT: Screen Printing Seminars

March 6, 2002
Twelve participants from eight companies came to ISIMAT's recent process color screen printing seminar. The two-day seminar covered the different stages of workflow from the art department to the press room. The theory part of the seminar focused on topics such as color separation, dot shape and size, tonal range, screen selection, stencil making, moir¿attern and inks. The main part of the seminar involved printing an image with process colors, an important issue for screen printers. ISIMAT's seminar offers the right balance of theory and practical work that enables screen printers to use process color printing to give their business a competitive edge. "We already have bookings for our next seminar, including bookings from companies who sent delegates to the first seminar," said Ronald Schulz, sales manager and seminar organizer. "This reassures us that we are offering a service that is appreciated by our customers."

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