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J. Gregg Borchelt Named Permanent BIA President and CEO

July 13, 2010

The Brick Industry Association’s (BIA) executive committee has extended the president and CEO position to Gregg Borchelt through 2012. Borchelt was initially named interim president and CEO of the BIA in February.

Borschelt’s tenure at the BIA began when he started leading the association’s Engineering and Research division in 1988. He later took on the role of secretary. Borchelt represented the brick industry in helping develop the 2008 National Green Building Standard, the nationally recognized standard that defines green building for single and multifamily homes, residential remodeling projects and site development projects. In addition, he helped to establish and lead The Masonry Society, an international group devoted to advancing the knowledge of masonry, where he currently serves as a board member.

For more information, visit www.gobrick.com.