Ceramic Industry

JEOL: Cross Section Polisher For Large-Area Samples

September 29, 2004
JEOL USA, Inc. has introduced a new compact cross section polisher (CSP) designed to prepare large-area cross sections of specimens for imaging with its line of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). The model SM-09010 CSP is simple to use and enables observation of multi-layer structures, interfaces, composites of soft and hard materials, polymers, powder grains, and crystalline structures of metals and ceramics with few artifacts. In a single step, the unit produces clean, polished samples suited for SEM imaging, EDS, WDS and EBSD analysis. The CSP uses an argon ion beam to prepare samples of soft or hard materials while preserving internal structures, voids between interfaces, adhesions between layers, and precipitates. Unlike conventional mechanical polishers, the CSP minimizes deformation of the polished surface, enabling clear observation of crystalline structures.

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