Ceramic Industry

JEOL USA, Inc.: High-Resolution SEM

July 29, 2002
JEOL USA, Inc. recently announced that it has developed a new scanning electron microscope (SEM) designed specifically for imaging at the nanometer scale. The JSM-7400F scanning electron microscope delivers 50% higher resolution than ever before achievable at low kV, providing unprecedented image quality for both nanoscience and nanotechnology research. The unit provides image resolution of 1.5 nm at 1kV to meet the precise structural evidence and imaging need of materials scientists working in the developing areas of nanoscience and semiconductor technology. The SEM's advanced lens design includes a patented SE Enhancer; r-filter; and in-lens backscatter detector to enhance image quality, reduce charging contrast and heighten Z-contrast.

For more information, call (978) 535-5900 or visit http://www.jeol.com.