Ceramic Industry


January 8, 2003
JEOL USA, Inc. recently announced that the University of Illinois at Chicago's Microfabrication Applications Laboratory (MAL) has purchased a JEOL JSM-6500F SEM. A wide range of applications makes the JSM-6500F a cost-effective system that can be used as both an e-beam nanolithography system and an inspection instrument for the wafers and masks it produces. As an e-beam system, the 6500F will enable researchers at MAL to pattern 40 nm (20 nm attainable) and larger features on a wide variety of substrates. The multi-discipline 6500F maintains a small, stable electron beam probe at high beam currents, a feature that makes it a viable system for precise mask and wafer writing at throughput levels ideal for advanced product development applications. The larger electron beam current available on the 6500F makes it possible to scan substrates at a faster rate than can be achieved with the lower beam currents associated with most SEM lithography tools.

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