Ceramic Industry

Johanson Innovations, Inc.: Indicizer System

April 1, 2002
The new Indicizer(R) system from Johanson Innovations, Inc. quickly and accurately calculates eight essential material flow properties within minutes. The system is used to predict how new formulations will flow in existing equipment; pinpoint where handing problems are most likely to occur in users' processes; define parameters for quality control programs for improved product consistency; determine segregation potential; predict limiting rates in roll and tableting presses, bins and feeders; determine blender effectiveness and optimize blending times; and predict capping tendencies. The company's website contains detailed information explaining the usefulness of characterizing materials flow properties.

For more information, call (805) 783-7390, fax (805) 783-7393, e-mail info@indicizer.com or visit http://www.indicizer.com.