Ceramic Industry

K-T Clay Restructures its Sales Force

December 5, 2001
K-T Clay's sales force has been restructured following its acquisition by Imerys.

Following its acquisition of Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Co. (K-T Clay) this past spring, Imerys appointed Michael Yarborough vice president of sales and marketing. K-T will be incorporated into Imerys' existing Ceramics & Specialties Group. The restructuring of K-T Clay's sales group involves the following responsibility changes: Wayne Knotts, international sales manager, focusing on sanitaryware; Bill Leach, market manager, Sanitaryware NAFTA; John Darity, market manager, Fiberglass & Roofing Granules; Brad Lynne, market manager, Ceramic Tile & Hobby; Patrick Nicola, manager, Filler Minerals; Paul A. V. Bridgett, technical sales manager for all K-T and Imerys Tableware and Electrical Porcelain Products; and Ben Shelton, traffic and customer service manager. Additionally, C-E Minerals will be responsible for sales to all K-T and Imerys refractory and abrasives markets.

For more information, http://www.k-tclay.com.