Ceramic Industry

Kanthal AB: New Grade of Silicon Carbide Heating Element

November 11, 2003
Kanthal AB has launched Kanthal Globar(R) SD, a new grade of silicon carbide heating element that features high mechanical strength, a lower rate of reaction with the process atmosphere, and longer life potential. Designed for maximum performance in the widest range of high-temperature applications, the new elements combine the best features of the existing Kanthal Hot Rod, Silit ED and Globar LL products to offer a more versatile, high-quality element with repeatable and reliable performance. Globar SD elements are extruded from a closely controlled blend of high-purity alpha silicon carbide grain, which is then recrystallized at over 2500C to form a strong, self-bonded structure with uniform heating characteristics.

For additional information, call (716) 286-7600, fax (716) 286-7602, e-mail sales.globar@kanthal.com or visit http://www.kanthal.com .