Ceramic Industry

Kanthal Elements Used To Produce High Quality Porcelain

January 29, 2001
Kanthal Super heating elements, manufactured by Kanthal AB, are being used in three electric, fiber insulated kilns supplied to leading Austrian ceramic giftware and tableware producer Gmundener Keramik. Designed and built by furnace builder Prins Ovenbau BV, Holland, the kilns are used to decorate porcelain with enamel at operating temperatures of 1015C. The total installed power in each kiln is 450 kW, generated by six rows of eight Kanthal Super elements, each 1250 mm long and rated at 9.375 Kw. The eight elements in each row are connected in series to line voltage without transformers and regulated by phase angle thyristors. The elements are made from molybdenum disilicide and a component that forms a dense protective layer of glass at the working temperature.

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