Ceramic Industry

Kanthal: High-Power Modular Heater

September 25, 2002
Kanthal is launching six new products in its Superthal range of heating modules. Each new product has been designed and developed with specific end use applications or industries in mind. The Kanthal High Power Reflector is a new compact fiber insulated modular heater designed for use in the foundry and metal processing industries. Each module consists of Kanthal Super heating elements set into ceramic fiber and contained in a sheet steel casing. Combined contact and hanging straps are pre-installed for easy connection to a standard power supply. The heater is designed for power up to 10 kW/ft(2) (110 kW/m(2)) at 1650C. The standard unit size is 24 x 24 in. (600 x 600 mm), and multiple units can be joined together in rows or squares.

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