Ceramic Industry

Kanthal's Superthal Heating Elements Reduce Energy Consumption by 40%

November 1, 2001
Development of its production techniques followed by close monitoring of energy consumption has enabled German glass producer Walther-Glas GmbH, in cooperation with heating specialists Kanthal AB, to record a 40% reduction in consumption on its forehearth feeder systems. Walther-Glas presses mainly domestic and all-purpose glassware for the gift sector and diffusing screens for automotive headlights. The company operates three production tanks, each with a capacity of 24-30 tons per day. The forehearths convey molten glass at temperatures of 1450C to processing machinery consisting of four slide tables and 12 circular table presses. Processing temperature is around 1150C. In cooperation with Kanthal, Walther-Glas developed a forehearth channel system using Kanthal's Superthal flat panel heating modules to replace a vertical heating system. As a result, the heating area has been reduced by 55%. Rebuilding of this first new forehearth system was completed in three days, minimizing production downtime. Additional benefits include less need for heating element replacement and a lower ambient temperature of the forehearth.

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