Ceramic Industry

Kanthal: Superthal Heating Modules

June 21, 2002
Kanthal has launched six new products in its Superthal range of heating modules. Each new product has been designed and developed with specific end-use applications or industries in mind. Superthal modules combine Kanthal's Super(R) heating elements with ceramic fiber to provide compact and modular heating systems that can be tailored to specific applications. The new products extend the existing range using developments in the Superthal technology. Standard Superthal modules (half cylinders and muffles) are designed for element temperatures up to 1600C. The new Superthal HT uses a newly developed and special Kanthal Super element material to increase the temperature capability to 1725C. The new modules, for use in vertical tube furnaces, are available in standard sizes or as specially designed heating packages with heating elements, back insulation and stainless steel casing.

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