Ceramic Industry

Kason Corp.: In-line Screener Literature

October 17, 2001
New literature on pressurized Pneumati-Sifter in-line screeners for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems is available from Kason Corp. The in-line screeners eliminate the need for additional blowers, cyclone separators and rotary air locks needed for screening off-line. They are intended for high volume scalping or de-dusting of bulk products conveyed to and from trucks, rail cars and process/storage areas. High-capacity single screen and ultra-high capacity dual screen vibratory models are described, as well as ultra-high capacity centrifugal models. Anti-blinding devices, cross-sectional diagrams and operation descriptions are provided for each. An application chart cross references each model type by industry, incoming material, size and model of screener, and capacity.

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