Ceramic Industry

Kason Launches New Website

May 4, 2001
Kason has launched a new website.

Kason Corp. has launched a new website on fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturizers; vibratory and centrifugal screeners; static sieves; spheroidizers; powder coaters; and dewatering sieves. The site map enables visitors to specify equipment and accessories based on existing knowledge of equipment, applications, industries or bulk materials handled. Application sections encompass solids/solids separation; solids/liquids separation; fluid bed drying, cooling and moisturizing; and agglomerating and powder coating. Reference charts cover equipment by application and more than 1400 materials screened or processed.

For additional information, call (973) 467-8140, fax (973) 258-9533, e-mail info@kason.com or visit http://www.kason.com.