Ceramic Industry

Keen on Kilns

October 8, 2010
Three winners have been selected for Paragon Industries' kiln video contest.

Linda Lee (ceramic category winner).

The kiln video contest held by Paragon Industries ended on August 31, 2010. All participants were required to create and submit an imaginative or entertaining video about Paragon kilns. Three first-place prizes were awarded (one for each artistic category of ceramics, warm glass, and jewelry). Paragon also gave out a number of gift certificates to second- and third-place winners.

Paragon carefully selected the top three winners: Linda Lee, Dolores Barrett, and Lisa Mall were all delighted to find out that they would be receiving a new Paragon kiln. Linda Lee's video won the first place prize for ceramics. It shows footage of Linda from 1974 and today; both times, she is unloading lovely creations from her Paragon kiln. Dolores Barrett, whose video gave an account of her early career in china painting and glass firing, was chosen for first place in the warm glass division. In addition, the first place jewelry video was created by Lisa Mall; she filmed the essential process of jewelry casting in a step-by-step method.

To see the winning videos, visit www.paragonweb.com and click on "Kiln Audio & Video."